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Threatened Loyalties by JF Ridgley
Dangers of Editing

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Dangers of Editing… OH MY. I’m seeing that learning can be quite an embarrassing experience.  What I thought was a polished manuscript of my second ever published book,  I have discovered recently that it was not polished.  What I thought was so professionally edited…twice, it was not. But what did I know then?  Learning can […]

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Nero’s Stadia

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Where were the Christians executed? After Rome’s Great Fire of AD 64 In the Coliseum or  Vespasian’s Amphitheater Or In the Circus Maximus Answer-  Neither….  It was in Nero’s Circus The Vespasian hadn’t built his great amphitheater because he wasn’t emperor until AD 69…barely. The Circus Maximax was used for many things as gladiator fights, [...] Read More