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It is said that in good times readers love dangerous, scary stories set in the present time because readers and writers feel safe,

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It is said that in good times readers love dangerous, scary stories set in the present time because readers and writers feel safe, but, during hard, stressful times, they like history…,maybe because history has happened and we survived. I don’t know, but both the present day and the past amaze me in how they are so alike yet to different. What I like about historical fiction is it’s almost like science fiction….not real, but it is real. It was real. anyway. And I get to share how the history has changed us.

Red Fury Revolt

A.D. 60…

Three towns writhe under the Iceni queen’s wrath, as she leads her warriors intent on destroying all things Roman – be it Roman temples, Roman villas, or entire families sympathetic to Rome. At stake is Suetonius Paulinus’s reputation. With only 80,000 legionaries, will he destroy Boudica and her horde of 200,000 warriors or will he endure the disgrace in Rome for losing–to a woman? in this horrific historical revolt against Roman injustice. Julius Agricola-Rome’s tribune, and Rhianna-Boudica’s youngest daughter, become ensnared in the harsh worlds that are determined to destroy each other. Who will survive?

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The Chrysalis

Short story to Revolt

Proverb “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was coming to an end, she changed into a butterfly.”

A dangerous butterfly…

Ravaged by Rome, Morrigan turns her fear into revenge and now it is Rome who should fear her. Rome’s tax collector Decianus Catus intrudes on Morrigan’s father’s funeral, flogs her mother Boudica, and then takes the Iceni people back to camp where the women are raped. However, the Trinovante warriors save her and her people of this horrid fate. To survive, Morrigan turns her fear into fury.

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Rebellion (Coming 2020)

War of 69AD, emperors, senate, Scotland, Caledonia, Boresti, father & son, child abduction, father’s love rebellion… ‘the action or process of resisting authority, control, or convention’ google dictionary

While Calgacus finds a home for himself and his son, Julius Agricola is trapped in Rome. All Julius wants is to return to Britannia for his son ripped from his arms. However, Rome has other ideas for him. They plan to keep their Roman son in their clutches. However, Rome has problems of its own…a rebellion that threatens the nation’s existence. As Julius fights for his country and dreams, will he succeed in returning to Britannia?

Threatened Loyalties

Messalina Claudia wants nothing to do with her parents arranged marriage with Marcus Galerius Alexius. But her need to find her missing friend requires his help. Their perilous pursuit of Rosa uncovers the political underbelly of the first citizens of Ancient Roman city of Herculaneum.

In order to regain Messalina’s loyalties. Alexius must risk everything: his family’s reputation, future as a Roman senator, even his life beneath the shadows of a very restless volcano, Vesuvius where Vulcan’s wrath simmers.

(Coming soon. Pompeii’s Plague Book two)

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For the Family (A Short Story)

Viciria is an actual person who once lived in Herculaneum. She’s real as is her son—Marcus Nonius Balbus—the ‘first citizen’ of Herculaneum. Before this wealthy resort city was buried by Vesuvius in A.D. 79, Viciria was known as The Witch. At title well-earned for sure. But why? What could happen in her life that could change such a gentle creature? Find out in the accompanying short story to THREATENED LOYALTIES

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Vows of Revenge

Amid pirates, godfathers, and forbidden love, vows of revenge are made in the unforgiving world of ancient Rome. Aelia Sabina, a patrician’s daughter, and Martino Lucianus Drusus- a simple plebe, rise like phoenixes from the ashes of their lives. Aelia’s abusive husband vows to finally destroy this plebe in Rome’s court where patricians rule and plebeians grovel. But will Lucianus grovel? Don’t count on it.

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Birth of a Bully (A Short Story)

Birth of a Bully is not a pleasant story, because no babe was ever born a bully. It is learned. Bullying is not pleasant, nor good, nor right. It is mean and cruel and has existed everywhere in the world throughout time. Just ask young Cassius Gullus about that. He knows, but what is a boy to do when he has no other choice?

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