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Today, we are still evolving from the past. At least as writers and readers, we get to examine our world, experience worlds we likely will never be able to do either in the past or present…as ride an 18-wheeler, or fight with the Romans, or struggle with life on the streets of Rome or St. Louis, Either way, we struggle with the heroes and heroines as they deal with life’s tragedies…back then or now.

So come. Enjoy both…the past and the present

18 Wheeler by JF Ridgley 2 scaled 1 2 CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE BOOKS


Carrie Marshall must decide whether to freeze to death in her dead car or climb into an 18Wheeler with a stranger. What she decides will change her life forever….read more

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Love Backwards by JF Ridgley 2 scaled 1 CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE BOOKS

Love Backwards

Is there a right way to fall in love? With divorce rampant in today’s world, is it any better for couples to fall in love now than it was in the past when marriages were arranged….read more

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