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“Times change People don’t.”

Isn’t amazing how smart mothers are?  We overlook this growing up, rebel against them even. But time changes that. Well, it did with me. I remember my mother saying, “Times change. People don’t.”  And mom was right.

I believe that  since the cave, we humans still want to laugh, love, eat, party, dream, and enjoy life.  That hasn’t changed one bit. But life challenges those desires. Thus, we have ancient history or stories of yesterday that show us how the ancients struggled through the same issues we still confront. War. Kidnapping. Love lost. Love regained. Love forbidden. Love arranged. Love denied. Customs. Politics. Family problems as marriage and divorce, problem kids, troublesome husbands, defiant wives, untimely death. How long can this list go on…?  Read More

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'Times Change People don't.'

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Historical Fiction Books

It is said that in good times readers love dangerous, scary stories set in the present time because readers and writers feel safe, but, during hard, stressful times, they like history…,maybe because  history has happened and we survived. I don’t know, but both the present day and the past amaze me in how they are so alike yet to different.  What I like about historical fiction is it’s almost like science fiction….not real, but it is real. It was real. anyway.  And I get to share how the history has changed us.

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Contemporary Romance Books

Today, we are still evolving from the past.At least as writers and readers, we get to examine our world, experience worlds we likely will never be able to do either in the past or present…as ride an 18-wheeler, or fight with the Romans, or struggle with  life on the streets of Rome or St. Louis, Either way, we struggle with the heroes and heroines as they deal with life’s tragedies…back then or now. 
So come. Enjoy both…the past and the present.

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