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Red Fury Rage

A story of a father’s love…but which one?

The truth hurts. As Rome expected, Julius married Domitia, but was he in his right mind when he did? Now that he’s a father, the stakes are even higher: he’s responsible for the lives of his children. Even though his rage attempts to deny it, Julius cannot alter his past and his training to become a Roman senator. Oh, but Gnaeus Julius Agricola wants to defy his past. Each day, his rage tightens its tentacles around him. Maybe, just maybe, he can exploit Rome’s manipulations and finally return to Britannia to kill the man who kidnapped his son.

The truth hurts. Colin is different from the other children of the Caledonii tribes. Each day, that fact is shoved in the Caledonian leader Calgacus’ face. How can he accept the truth of who Colin’s real father is? Or will his rage destroy them both?

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A Roman Affair

When Julius Agricola’s mother Procilla and her lover Suetonius Paulinus lives converge in ancient Rome, they discover that little lies can lead to huge consequences. Procilla’s love is torn between her son and the man she thought she loved more than life itself. How can their romantic twist of fate lead to an angry betrayal and a quest for deadly vengeance?
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The Chrysalis

Proverb “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was coming to an end, she changed into a butterfly.” A dangerous butterfly…

Ravaged by Rome, Morrigan turns her fear into revenge and now it is Rome who should fear her. Rome’s tax collector Decianus Catus intrudes on Morrigan’s father’s funeral, flogs her mother Boudica, and then takes the Iceni people back to camp where the women are raped. However, the Trinovante warriors save her and her people from this horrid fate. To survive, Morrigan turns her fear into fury.

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Great Books from JF Ridgley

Here are just a few of JF Ridgley’s books available on Amazon, Books2Read and Indiebrag.

EMyth Manager
EMyth Contractor
EMyth Contractor
EMyth Contractor
E Myth Revisited
E-Myth Mastery
Awakening the Entrepreneur Within
E-Myth CFO

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“Isn’t it amazing how smart mothers are? We overlook this growing up, rebel against them even. But time changes that. Well, it did with me. I remember my mother saying, “Times change. People don’t.” And mom was right..”

I got into writing because of, King Arthur. I have a draft of his story in the archives of my computer…somewhere. Shadows in the Mist I named it. It has a great story with all but Gawain and the Green Knight. I have all the other popular stories I could find of Arthur melded into Shadows. All but that headless knight. How can you work that one in? I still don’t know. The draft is long. Very long. And, as  Ann LaMont calls it, a ‘shitty first draft’. Oh, I thought my creation was wonderful. Beautiful. Now with learning this craft of writing, OMG it’s terrible. It needs rewriting, character development, setting details, sensories. I plan to get back to it one day. I promise.