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Ancient Roman sword
 Where Ancient Rome and Roman Britain come to life



“Times change. People don’t.”

“If you don’t know your history, you are doomed to repeat it.”

The possibility  that these quotes could be true captivates me and drives me to share  what I have discovered in this historical world of Ancient Rome and Roman Britain, when patricians ruled and plebeians, slaves, women, and children groveled to exist in  this sometimes harsh, sometimes kind,sometimes painful existence.

In some ways, maybe we aren’t so different from when….

  Romans conqueredroman-castra08








Barbarians revolted






Reviewers say…

“This author’s books belong up there with Simon Scarrow and others…you will be glad you spent the time reading this book” NMCox

“J F Ridgley is a bold gritty new author. Her words grab you by the throat won’t let you go.” Amazon  Firewood Shed

“Author Ridgley recreates a compelling ancient Rome that draws you in and takes you for a roller coaster ride through a part of history we are so fortunate to have missed…a most enjoyable read with impressive historical accuracy.” Amazon – Reading from the Flyover States

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