Truckers talk funny. The long hours of bringing you nearly everything in your house, somehow makes truckers very creative.  Our cities’ names are not their cities’ names. They do love to nickname. For example, I used to live in ‘Bright Lights’ and now I live in ‘Mile High.’

So Where are you from?  Here’s a list of the most common cities…

Akron OHAkron OH
Amarillo TX
Amarillo TX
Atlanta GA
Birmingham AL
Boston MA
Buffalo NY
Calgary -Alberta
Charlotte NC
Chattanooga TN
Chicago IL
Cleveland OH
Council Bluffs IA
Dallas TX
Denver CO
Detroit MI
Durham NC
Flagstaff AZ
Goldsboro NC
Houston TX
Indianapolis IN
Kansas City MO/KS
Knoxville TN
Las Vegas NV
Los Angeles CA
Louisville KY
Miami Fl
Milwaukee WI
Minneapolis and St Paul MN
Montreal Quebec
Nashville TN
New Orleans LA
New York NY
Oklahoma City OK
Omaha NE
Orlando FL
Philadelphia PA
Pittsburgh PA
Raleigh NC
Reno NV
Sacramento CA
San Antonio TX
San Francisco CA
South Bend IN
St Louis MO
Tampa FL
Toronto Ontario
Wichita KS
Winnipeg Manitoba
The Rubber
Big A
Watermelon 500 or Hotlanta
B Town
Bean- Town
The Nickel
Cow Town
Queen City
Windy City
The Dirty
CB Town
The Big D
Mile High
Motor City
Bull City
The flag or Flagpole
Gold City
The Dome or Astrodome
Indy 500 or Circle City
Bright Lights
Lost Wages
Shaky Town or Shaky City
Derby City
Bear Town
The Cities
The Swamp
Guitar or Music City
Mardi Gras
Big Apple
Okie City
Big O
Disney City*
Steel City or Town
Capital City
Sin City
Sack of tomatoes
Alamo City
Gay Bay
The Irish
Cigar City
Hog Town
Air Capital
The Peg

So where are you from.

In my mature romance. –18-Wheeler, Carrie was from ‘Bright Lights’ and John was from’ Disney City’*. ( I kinda made that one up. If you know its nickname…pls share it.)

18 Wheeler by JF Ridgley 2 480x320 1 And Where Are You From

Where John, a widower of a great marriage, and Carrie, a widow of a not go great marriage, must decide to give up their pasts to have a future together. Will they?



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