For the Family Book :  A short story of this woman.

1 For the Family

Viciria- the mother of this man, Marcus Nonius Balbus.

2 For the Family

Balbus was proconsul of Rome, a senator, and the ‘first citizen of Herculaneum.’ Balbus and his family, two daughters, wife, mother and son’s statues were found in the theater that he was responsible for building for the city along with the baths where his family statues were found.

3 For the Family

Balbus’ mother was a true Roman matron,  inflexible, dominating, and very harsh.  In my book Threatened Loyalties, she is all these things and more.- — or called ‘the witch’ but never said to her face Viciria’s atrium.

4 For the Family

(a model of Balbus’ theater, his city, his bathes, and his statue)

6 For the Family 5 For the Family

What could make such a young woman become such a severe matron asViciria truly was? Was it having to do all that was necessary for the family?  Find out in her short story. For the Family

(Did you know that according to Roman law… a father can divorce his wife over anything. Kick her out of the house/send her back to her father…and keep the children.  And she can divorce him at any time, but she loses the children.)

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