Even after 2774 years!!
So why celebrate Rome? Why not. After all, that time period really did give the world so much. And you ask….and what is that? Let’s take a basic look at just what Rome has given us.
It started much like the American pioneer, the first peoples of Rome were farmers. Just men and women eking life from the soil who were attacked by the Etruscans, and a people who defeated the Etruscans. From there is history. A common people making it big. A common people who strove to higher ideals. That happens every day among everyone. Life hands us challenges and we try to conquer to survive.
They built their government on ‘the people’ and a body of people to help govern life while the rest are working- ‘the senate-. Thus, the forever SPQR or simply…for the senate and the people of Rome. In America, that was the forerunner of our constitution. And it is still what we the people want. Freedom and justice. And over time as everywhere…that got maligned. It happens but the basis is good.
Rome gave us an elegant architecture that is magnificently elegant and massive. We still build in that model today. See Government buildings i.e. Washington. D.C. They are grand and beautiful. Plus, the ever-elegant arch that structurally very sound. Now to say Rome created all this…is wrong. Rome was a copycat bunch who took something and made it better or at least shared it to any who wanted to model after it.
Art. Oh, they were artists and lovers of art. Mosaic floors we still uncover today and are still absolutely beautiful. Now we are using this art in showers, kitchens, and flooring today. Done right, it lasts, and it beautifies our lives.
I think Rome enhanced the military might of the Spartans. Early Romans were short fellas. The barbarians were big brutes. So, the Roman legions unified into one massive force and worked as one to defeat the individual fighter trying to impress their families or gods. And it worked. Were they nice about it…no. But no one was nice back then. But that same fact still works today as it always has.
And religion, Rome made it possible to take the Christian message to the world. Think about it. For starters, if it wasn’t for the Roman shipping routes and Roman roads already built, how would the disciples manage to get Christ’s message to ‘the world’? And another overlooked item is the first missionary…the Roman soldier. These men were taken or marched all over the Empire. Now, I ask you—who was standing in the streets watching Christ do his miracles and heard Him preach, confront the Sanhedrin, who killed Christ on the cross, who stood guard at the tomb? (PS they were not drunk either. Any guard who got drunk or fell asleep on guard duty was executed.) Answer: The common Roman soldier who went off to taverns to get drunk and shared what he saw to any who listened and likely got into fights to prove himself.
So yeah, we have lots to thank Rome over. So Happy Birthday Rome. Thank you.






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