America is going through a tough time right now. And if we never noticed before, it is the truckers on 18Wheelers, train engineers, doctors, nurses and all other hospital and nursing home staffs, store clerks who are keeping us surviving.

We also must thank the writers of books, movie and tv scripts and those who create stories for our entertainment…for without them, we would really be stir-crazy.
And for those friends and strangers who honor and respect us by washing hands, keeping a social distance (Will we ever shake hands and hug again?), but share that ever special smile and ‘hello.’ And those other caregivers who check on elders, check to see if something is needed, and just ask if they can help.

What a wonderful world we really do live in. We thank you so much and hopefully we will never forget each and every one of you for what you do for the world…and to be grateful.

God bless and keep you healthy and safe.



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