Kids! Just what are you going to do with them? Me? I write about them. They are fun, but sometimes I do not like what they are doing. Take Birth of a Bully. That was a hard write in many ways. Bullies are not born really. They are made. By a parent usually who is a bully himself or herself. Actually, it’s quite ugly. Young Cassius has a patrician father who is a classic bully. ‘You will not let that plebe push you around!”  Poor Cassius must defend himself against the Antonius boys who are a ‘gang’ of sorts. Brothers. And it does not go well for Cassius. But I had to do this because the poor child had to run away as he did in Vows of Revenge. (It’s the novel story)  So I asked myself, what could make a child run away at the age of 8.  My question is, ‘Is it any different today?’ What makes a child run away?

I know I was mad at my mother over something and decided to run away. I packed my doll’s things (not my things at all), got my doll, and marched out the front door. Mom caught me. “Where are you going?” I believe I stated, “I am running away.” She asked, “And where are you going to sleep? Eat?” Well, I hadn’t thought of that. So I stayed home. But human trafficking wasn’t so bad then. Today, well, it is horrible.

Sometimes it is fun writing kids as I am with Colin, Julius’ son growing up in Scotland. He has friends with who he will grow up within my Red Fury series. You meet Shiel-young girl who becomes a warrior, Meria-a little mommy who is always with one of the younger kids on her hip. Cyan- Shiel’s twin brother who is Colin’s best friend. And a new kid Ennon-a son of the Taxeali chief.  These boys really get into trouble. Like right now. They are to be filling the grownups’ cups with ale and they are sneaking a few drinks. Yes, they get drunk, sick, and in trouble in Red Fury Rebellion. But they grow up together and become warriors. Well, not Meria, she has a special place in this series, along with Shiel a future warriors who right now, whips every boy into shape.

Colin also has a distinct problem though. He does not fit in with the others. He looks different. He’s brown-haired, brown eyes, well-tanned, and lean; while the others are red-haired, green-eyed, freckled, and muscular. Yes, they call him a freak. So, Colin learns how to deal with this insult from another girl, Kenna who is an albino.

Have you ever as a kid run away?  Kept in touch with childhood friends? Were they always nice to you? My tack room was once egged by friends who were my best friend.  Yeah. Growing up is hard but it is fun writing about it.

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