I am now writing the hardest write I have ever done. Sure, I have written six books and short stories. The books average 75,000 words to 95,000 words. Short stories average 7500 words. And still, this is the hardest write yet.
Reason 1. This short story is in first person which means if you feel it, see it, sense it, know it, it has to be in the story. Meaning, this story digs deep. Every word, every phrase, every sensory, every detail, every thought has a place. But which one? All of them? Only the important ones? What’s important? So, every step/every word through this story has to be evaluated before entering the page.
Reason 2 The main character telling his story/Valerius has a revelation — he’s been used by the other character/a narcissist. I do not know or ever had to deal with a narcissist. But I am learning they are not nice people. They are manipulative, controlling, conniving, unsympathetic, selfish…. (And could be fun to write and destroy.)
Honestly, I did not realize this about this Narcissist/Suetonius from the beginning of my series. Red Fury Revolt. As a military officer/consul, he has to have control. And I did not realize just how he played into book 2 Red Fury Rage. But his traits started coming out in Rage’s short story Red Fury A Roman Affair. But I did not realize that was happening even then. Book 3 Red Fury Rebellion, will see more of his narcissistic attitudes in the edit of this book’s draft.
But now, in Rebellion’s short story—Red Fury Games Romans Play, I am overwhelmed by Suetonius as well as dealing with Valerius realizing how he has been played all these years. Now, I was married 46 years to a great man, yes with faults, but nothing like this. Yet, I found out there are many friends who got shall we say got “up close and personal” with them. Bless them for being willing to help me because I was blessed not to have to deal with their crap.
But now I have to confront this Narcissist and I have to rip that manipulative, controlling, unemphatic mask down. And it is not easy. Frankly, it kinda scares me. Sure, I’m writing this but still, these creatures are heartless. I have to get in his skin as well as Valerius’ and peel that onion, one layer at a time. God bless these friends who made it through. God really bless those who have not. Pray for ‘em.
Writing is fun but it can be incredibly challenging. But I enjoy the challenge. I think you are going to enjoy this ‘onion’ — Red Fury Games Romans Play

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